This Sunday in My Digg Feed

I’d love to say that I’m going to start doing this regularly, but I’d probably be lying (I also realize that it’s Monday). I don’t typically get to my feed reader during the week. Things get busy and I forget it exists altogether. But I’d like to start writing about the things I collect from the internet that way both you can see it, and so I have a record of it to come back to later.

Many of my students are athletes. I’m embarrassed to say that as an athlete myself, my collection of books that feature sports feels rather limited. If you want to see how long it’s been since I’ve checked my feed reader, The Top 10 Sports Books for Youth: 2013 was published on September 1. But it’s definitely being clipped into my Evernote for later use.

And while I was putzing around on the Booklist page (which makes sense because I love lists of books — reading them, making them, sharing them. You name it, I love it.) and also found the Top 10 Romance Fiction for Youth: 2013 list. For the record, after my Book Gap Challenge this year that required me to read one YA romance novel each month, I’m done saying that I don’t like YA romance.

So recently I stumbled upon Flavorwire books, and I’m kind of loving it.  Not with as much evangelical zeal (yes, I’ll post the song soon; my new compression mic will be in on Wednesday) as BookRiot, but still. It’s very cool. So on Saturday, Flavorwire books posted a list of books about banned and dangerous books. (You would not believe how long it took me to write that sentence.)

Also, I want this:  Unfortunately, it’s out of stock. Because, you know, Matilda is my favorite story of all time. I don’t care that Matilda is seemingly perfect and never gets in trouble and the only bad guys are adults. She was my first superhero, and she totally proved to me that reading books didn’t make you uncool. So there.

There’s another article from Flavorwire that I’d like to highlight, and it’s about Online Book Clubs. I should really use this article as a jumping off point to talk about the online book clubs that I’m in and love. I’ll do that, and plan it for later this week. How’s that for posting more?

Last one: The National Book Award has announced the longlists for this year’s award. I will now admit that for the list of Young Adult books, I’ve only heard of one, and I haven’t read any. I feel like I might be slacking a little this year. Time to get back on it.

That wraps it up for this week. Hopefully, I’ll be back again later on this week to talk about book clubs. Allons-y!

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