White Cat by Holly Black

White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)White Cat by Holly Black
Hardcover, 320 pages

I should read more of the books that people recommend to me. There’s just so much to read… I’m glad I moved this one up, though. Take a look at the video below for a synopsis, or take a look at Feature Shelf: The Boarding School Edition, where I talk a little about White Cat.

As a whole, I enjoyed this story. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a memory worker.  Many of the characters were complex, with motivations that readers don’t see clearly until the end. Family loyalty is a complicated notion, and as such, Cassel’s choices toward the end — which I am not going to spoil — make sense. I’d probably do the same for my siblings, even if they worked me over.

I’ve heard that the rest of the series isn’t as gripping as the first installment. I’m more interested in seeing how the political aspect of the plot develops than I am interested in how Cassel is used by the mob. The freshman is right — “curse worker” has such a negative connotation to it, though all of the magic done by workers isn’t evil.

Also in this series: Red Glove (#2), Black Heart (#3) and as yet untitled #4.

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