Top 10 Tuesday: Things That Make Our Lives as Bloggers Better/Easier

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme stared by The Broke and the Bookish. Go check them out, and check out the other responses to this week’s Top 10 Tuesday. 

I decided not to do a video blog this week, mainly because school started last week and the time I have to video blog has been severely cut. Had I been more organized, I would have filmed these during the summer. Alas. 

So my Top 10 things that make my life as both a blogger and vlogger easier. These are in no particular order.

10. Reading Rants! — Because of Feature Shelf, I make a lot more reading lists than I used to. I like making reading lists. I find it fun and challenging. But sometimes I get stuck, and Jen’s blog is one place that makes that particular YouTube show a little easier.

9. The Centurions of 2011 — This is a group of bibliophiles who, monthly, post lists of books they read. It’s a great place to find new books to read, and get opinions about books that are on my TBR list — it’s how I read so many books that I absolutely love. And as a blogger/vlogger, who blogs about books, this is huge. I read more books about which I feel evangelical zeal than I did before I joined this group. 

8. Goodreads — I’ve started a series of videos about books changing formats (really, books that are made into movies) and Goodreads is invaluable. I don’t read many books classified as adult fiction, so between Goodreads and Amazon, I get a pretty good sense of the books I’m talking about. 

7. YouTubers — Pretty much the same as The Centurions, with the addition of formatting. Watching other YouTubers and stealing their film composition ideas makes me a better — and sometimes more ambitious — video blogger. 

6. Twitter Hashtags — I follow #engchat, #nerdybookclub, #bookaday and #titletalk religiously during the summer. See Centurions.

5. Book Riot — I started listening to their podcast last week, and then marathoned it over the weekend to get caught up. It’s news about the world of books from a perspective other than an educator’s, which is what I’m most familiar with. It’s refreshing, and I feel like it broadens my view of literature. Not to mention that it provides topics for videos from The White Spaces (which is on hiatus until school’s on break). 

4. Text Messages — Not the ones that come from your phone. This is a podcast by and Thinkfinity that, once again, provides themed book lists. I like book lists. Have you figured that out about me yet?

3. Audiobooks — I live an hour away from the university I attend, and am usually on campus two days a week. That’s four hours in the car (and I really don’t like driving). When I listen to audiobooks (or podcasts) with that time, I feel like I’m being at least a little productive. I think about it this way: my favorite book in the entire world is Matilda. I just downloaded the version read by Kate Winslet, who does great voices. And it’s 4 hours. 

2. Google+ Hangouts — I run an online book club, and have a few YouTubing friends that I do read-alongs with. We do live shows once a month and it’s great. We have fantastic, focused conversations about whatever book we read. It’s one of those things that makes me happy to have social relationships that revolve around reading. 

1. Teaching — yeah, it’s part of my job to be familiar with young adult literature. As such, a lot of the blogging that I do surrounds the books that I read so I can recommend good books to my students. This is actually advantageous, because it requires me to read wider than what I’d normally select for myself. 

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