In Defense of Twilight

I can’t say that Twilight is my favorite series ever. Or that it makes my top 10. Have I read all five books in the saga? Yes. To be honest, I only read them so I would know what my students were reading, but that doesn’t mean the story lacks value. Stories matter, remember?

So while I don’t like Bella as a role model for young women, I do think that Meyer did a fairly good job weaving canonical literature into her stories. I mean, if you don’t know the story of Romeo & Juliet–and I mention this one specifically because I had a conversation with a student two weeks ago about R&J and the value in reading Shakespeare even though it’s hard–is it possible to draw the parallels between that and New Moon? Not knowing doesn’t detract from a reader’s enjoyment of the story, but the ability to make those connections allows for a richer reading experience.

But this is just the preface to the preface of my defense of Twilight. Watch the video for more, and for this week’s question.

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