Elijah of Buxton

Elijah Of BuxtonElijah Of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis
aperback, 341 pages

Elijah was born in Buxton, the first child to be born free in this town, which was the last stop on the underground railroad. One of Elijah’s friends is saving up to buy his family’s freedom when his money is stolen. Elijah takes it upon himself to find the thief and bring the money back.

This was the first book I read by Christopher Paul Curtis, and I don’t know why I waited so long to read his work (my sister criticizes me and says that I don’t read enough books by black authors). One of the criticism of period literature is that the dialect makes it difficult to read (read: Huck Finn), but Curtis does a fantastic job of creating the character’s voices in such a way that I can hear them in my head, but the spelling makes the dialect accessible enough for my students. I’m excited that this is an addition to our Book of the Month club this year.

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