Review: Trapped

Trapped by Michael Northrop
Paperback, 230 pages

Scotty Weems, two of his friends, and four other students are the last students left at school when a freak snow storm hits. After eleven plus feet of snow, it looks like no one is coming to rescue them. The power goes out, the pipes freeze and the ceiling sounds like it’s not doing such a hot job at bearing the weight of the snow. So how will they survive?

I can’t imagine what it would have been like, stuck in a school during a snow storm. The seven kids were from different cliques, and it felt a little Breakfast Club-esque to me. It seemed to drag on in places, and while I understand this isn’t an action/adventure story where each scene propels the reader into the next, the tension between the kids wasn’t what I expected. I mean, there was only one fight? And then the ending was incredibly abrupt. All of a sudden, the story was over.

While this was just okay for me, I think it could be an interesting read for my current students, many of whom have not experienced more than a dusting of snow at a time.

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