Narcissus or Love Myself to Death (Allusion in a Minute #4)

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typewriter: what are you doing?

the (book) supplier: Look at me? I love me. [takes pic with phone] Does that look good?
typewriter: um, e? we’re doing a video.
the (book) supplier: Yes. But I’m lovely. Oh, look.  There I am in the monitor.
typewriter: oh, bother. welcome to an allusion in a minute. this week’s allusion is from greek mythology and is narcissus, or love myself to death.
the (book) supplier: [improv on “the night is young” from Men in Tights]
typewriter: does anyone care if i get rid of the narcissistic prat?
typewriter: no?
typewriter: good.
typewriter: exterminate.
typewriter: so narcissus was this lovely guy who was loved by all the ladies…
typewriter: let’s see how he handled it…
[animation on narcissus’s encounter with nemesis]
typewriter: i thought i exterminated you.
the (book) supplier: I regenerated. See? New shirt.  And I’m better now, thanks for asking. That was weird.
typewriter: no kidding.
the (book) supplier: Okay, so references to Narcissus or someone who is narcissistic, are about someone who thinks they’re the center of the universe, or they’re incredibly selfish or vain.
the (book) supplier: So that’s it for this episode. If you have questions about this allusion, or any other allusion, or you caught the pop culture allusions in this episode, leave me a comment here on YouTube, or on the show notes at or on Facebook at Thanks for watching An Allusion in a Minute. I am the (book) supplier wishing you happy reading. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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