Achilles' Heel or One Weak Spot (Allusion in a Minute #3)

the (book) supplier: Welcome to An Allusion in a Minute. Today’s allusion is from Greek Mythology and is entitled Achilles’ Heel, or a One Weak Spot.

the (book) supplier: So the thing about mothers is that some of them are ridiculously over protective.

typewriter: yours still wants you to call when you get home from class, which i find amusing since you don’t live in the same time zone.

the (book) supplier: I’m ignoring you. One of the most over protective mothers of all was Thetis, who wanted to make sure that her son Achilles couldn’t be harmed.  So she took him down into the underwold, and dipped him into the River Styx, which made him invincible  Completely invencible except for his heel, where she was holding him.

So Achilles grew up, went off to fight at Troy. All the arrows shot at him didn’t do a thing. That is, until he’s shot in his heel… The one spot that his mother missed when she dunked him in the river.

typewriter: was that better?

the (book) supplier: Yes, thank you. Definitely better than last time.

typewriter: much obliged. so…what do they need to remember

the (book) supplier: So your take aways for references to, usually, Achilles heel –  it’s a weak spot in someone’s character. Kind of like a fatal flaw – that one thing that will trip someone up every time.

So that’s it for this episode. If you have questions about this or any other allusion, leave me a comment here on YouTube, on the show notes at or on my Facebook at Thanks for watching An Allusion in a Minute.  I am the (book) supplier wishing you happy reading. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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