Hex Hall

Hex Hall
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Hardcover, 323 pages

When Sophie was 12, she found out that she was a witch. Three years later, after a love spell gone wrong, she’s sentenced to go to school at Hecate Hall, where all the witches, warlocks, fey, werewolves (and the occasional vampire) go when they’re having trouble fitting into the mortal world. When three witches are attacked, Sophie has to figure out who is behind it to clear her best friend’s name. Might I add that her best friend is a vampire?

I read this one because a number of my students recommended it to me. I felt a little like Hex Hall was The Craft meets Gemma Doyle meets City of Bones, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less. I’m curious to see what happens next, but I think I’m going to have to wait as I know which student has the second book checked out from the library.

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