Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures (Amazon)

Check out the official book trailer for this paranormal romance.

While I’m intrigued by the story and am curious about what’s going to happen next, there were a number of moments in listening to the audio of this book where I thought the plot devices were trite, or when I found myself frustrated with the narrator because he was being daft and not picking up on the things that were told to him numerous times by a number of characters. I found myself, in response to the writing, saying repeatedly “you told us that already, could you maybe say it differently? Or even better, write so that we infer. Trust the reader.” And that may have been my biggest issue with the construction of the book–lack of trust in me as a reader to draw inferences. I also tend to dislike when all of my predictions are correct. Surprise me, eh?

There is part of me that wants a physical copy of the book so I can go back and find the pop culture allusions. What I find interesting about the allusions is that they not only speak volumes about the characters, but also about the authors. I mean, how many of the readers in this book’s target audience will get the “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” reference? (It made me laugh out loud. And then I had to listen to “Why Don’t You Do Right?”)

As a researcher, I’m interested in how audiobooks are constructed, and this one felt, in some places, like it was channeling old time radio, which I thought was neat. I do wonder about why only the weather was a chosen background and not other aspects of the story. It’s something for me to look into.

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