Colin Fischer

Colin Fischer
Colin Fischer by Ashley Edward Miller
Hardcover, 256 pages
none listed

–The Everything can be reduced to math quote. I am the (book) supplier and this week’s Book Talk Tuesday is Colin Fischer by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz.


In my Sunday #Bookstack for 11 November 2012, I talked about Colin Fischer. Here’s what I said:

And now the stack. My Twitter friend Jen and I were talking, and she recommended a book called Colin Fischer by Ashley Edward Miller and Jack Stentz. Jen said this would appeal to my superhero loving sensibilities as the writers of the novel are also the writers of X-Men First Class and Thor. Colin has just started his freshman year of high school. He has Asperger’s syndrome and because of it has difficulty reading people’s facial expressions. When a gun goes off in the cafeteria, the school bully — a guy who put Colin’s head in the toilet on the first day of school — is blamed for it. Colin investigates to clear the bully’s name. I’m excited about this one, and appreciate my Twitter friends’ recommendations.

Colin Fischer is a true middle grade mystery, and one of my goals is to read more middle grade fiction. Colin is a complex character, whose motives I, as a reader, questioned as I read. I like novels that make me wonder why characters make the choices they do.

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