Send by Patty Blount

Send by Patty Blount
Paperback, 287 pages

Like ScrawlSend is told from the point of view of a bully, this time a cyber bully. Dan’s trying to find redemption by helping a bullied kid in his new school, while continuing to struggle with and blame himself for what happened five years before the story starts.

Dan just wants to get through his senior year unnoticed. He’s praying that his past isn’t going to follow him one more time and that he can get through school without people showing up at his house and throwing bricks through the window.  He hopes that, because he changed his name, it’ll take people longer to figure out why he’s starting a new school his senior  year, and what skeletons he has hidden in his past.

But on the first day of school, Dan steps in the middle of a fight and becomes a target. He’s warned to stay out of it by his parents, and by his principal who knows what he’s done. But because of what Dan’s done, he feels compelled to help. And it’s all because, one day when he was thirteen, he clicked “Send.”

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