Sunday #Bookstack No. 12: Week of 28 October 2012

Happy Sunday. I am the (book) supplier and this is my Sunday #bookstack for the week of October 28, 2012.

So last week I said I was going to read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. And I didn’t. I ended up reading I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga instead. Confession: I like to watch crime dramas. Even though they’re all pretty much the same. So I enjoyed I Hunt Killers. But what that means is that Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is making a repeat appearance in my stack. And it’s accompanied by Pinar’s What is Curriculum Theory, which I’m reading for class and have to have read by Thursday.

And now for a new segment of my Sunday Bookstack video I’d like to call Question of the Week. In my video on Tuesday, I posed a question. Today, I’d like to share some of the responses. The book talk was on First Kill by Heather Brewer, and the question asked was “What is your favorite vampire book?” My answer was Dracula. Rainbowtigerandmonkey1026 of Rdg.Room211 on YouTube said Twilight and Bluetiger2599 also of Rdg.Room211 on YouTube said Breaking Dawn. I had a chance to talk to Bluetiger2599 and she said she enjoyed the story even though the ending was terrible and Bella is annoying. Dominic, over on my Facebook page, said that the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is his favorite vampire series. I want to thank those users for their responses. Hopefully, with future questions, we’ll start some conversations. This week’s question will be posted on Tuesday, which brings us to…

[This Week on the (book) supplier]

The book talk on Tuesday will be I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga, primarily because my students saw me reading it and were curious, and doing a video book talk is the best way to give the same book talk 70 times without actually having to do it 70 times. That video will also contain this week’s question of the week. And this week’s Feature Shelf was requested by Lizett on my Facebook page, and is the Smile edition.

That’s it for today. So I’m going to sign off for the day by reminding you that if you’ve got thoughts about what I’m reading, or books in general, or if you want to request your very own Feature Shelf based on a theme or title, leave me a comment on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or if you’re not on social networks, through the “Contact” page on my website. All of that info is on the end screen and in the video description.

I hope you have a great week. I’ll see you on Tuesday for the book talk on I Hunt Killers and on Thursday for the Smile edition of Feature Shelf. I am the (book) supplier wishing you happy reading. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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