Sunday #Bookstack No. 8: Week of 23 September 2012

Happy Sunday. I am the supplier and this is my Sunday #Bookstack for the week of September 23, 2012.

Last week I finished Every Day by David Levithan, and let me just say: It was awesome. I honestly can’t imagine how difficult an idea changing bodies every day must have been to make a written reality without gaping holes in the plot, but Levithan managed to pull it off. I did hate the ending. Not because of the way it was written, and not really because of what happened, because the end makes sense. But because it’s not what I wanted to happen as someone invested in the story. I’ll talk a little more about Every Day for this week’s book talk Tuesday.

In my stack this week, I have two books. The first is the Diviners by Libba Bray. I’ve wanted to read this since my NerdyBookClub friend Donalyn was talking about the ARC she read, I think at the end of the summer.  I’d read Going Bovine, the Gemma Doyle series and Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, and loved them all. I have this huge loyalty thing when it comes to authors, so since I loved Libba’s other books, I knew I was going to pick this one up as soon as it came out. So I picked it up on Thursday when I was in a town that has a bookstore. I started this on Friday, and I’m only about 100 pages in at this point, and I’m loving the story so far. My Twitter friend Schuyler and I have been talking about how Libba really brings the Roaring 20s alive. It’s fun and it’s creepy, and it’s the only place besides To Kill a Mockingbird where I’ve seen the word chiffarobe. My friend Berghoff says that she doesn’t know what to do with a chiffarobe besides bust them up, but apparently they’re bedroom furniture, too.

The second book in my stack this week is Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Remember what I said before about loyalty? I read Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist years ago and loved it, so I figured it was time to read another by them…and as I was trying to remember the title, all I could think about was “where’s Fluffy?” So I don’t really know anything about Dash and Lily except that a number of my Goodreads friends have read it and really liked it, which bodes well for this story, I think.

So now for this week. Actually, we’ll start with yesterday.  I posted a response to BookRatMisty Book Chat for this month, and you can follow this annotation, the annotation on the end screen, or the link in the description to see that video if you’re interested. I also included the link to Misty’s video again in case you didn’t watch it last week and have decided to.

On Tuesday, I’ll talk about Every Day by David Levithan and on Thursday, on request from one of my students, is the basketball edition of Feature Shelf. I’ve decided that I’m limiting myself to no more than five books, after last week’s monster shelf about girls who kick ass… It was a good shelf.  I didn’t get all the books on the shelf that I wanted, either.

That’s it for me today. If you have theme or book recommendations for a Feature Shelf, or you just want to talk books, hit me up here, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and all that info’s on the end screen and in the description below. Have a great reading week, and I’ll see you on Tuesday for Every Day and on Thursday for the basketball edition of Feature Shelf.  I am the supplier wishing you happy reading. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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