Book Trailer: The Warlock

The WarlockI like reading books where the predictions I make are wrong. Or something happens and and I didn’t see it coming. The end of The Warlock was like that for me. This is book five in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. Josh and Sophie are seperated. Josh, after being taught the magic of fire by Prometheus, chooses to side with Dr. John Dee. Billy the Kid, Machievelli and Virginia Dare are with Dee on Alcatraz, planning to loose the monsters on the city. Nicholas Flamel is dying, and Perenelle may only have one more day before she, too, dies. So many story lines, that in this action-packed installment, begin to converge. Check out the trailer for the book below.

Evernote file with more information about The Warlock

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