Book Preview: Brain Jack

Brain JackIf you’re a fan of M.T. Anderson’s Feed or Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, you may enjoy Brain Jack by Brian Falkner.

Sam is a hacker. And really, all he wants is the new neuro-headset, which will allow him to control his computer with just his mind–no mouse, no keyboard, and at some point, no screen. But his hack gets out of control and he causes a crash of the Internet in America that lasts three days (talk about your inevitable dead spots, huh?). This crash causes the government to show up on Sam’s doorstep…

As he learns more and more about the technology he’s stolen, he begins to wonder: if people can hack into computers, and computers are connected to our brains, can people hack into our brains? For more about Brain Jack, check out the trailer below.

Evernote file with more information about Brain Jack


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