Book Preview: Project 17

Project 17 When I was in school, the movie The Blair Witch Project was all the rage. It was about these documentary filmmakers who wanted to make a movie about the Blair Witch. At the end of the film, all that was left was the camera (I think). This book reminded me of that movie.

Evernote file with more information about Project 17

Project 17 is like The Blair Witch Project meets the reality TV projects that are popular now. Derik is determined not to follow his parents’ footsteps into the restaurant business. To do that, he’s counting on winning a filmmaking contest. His brilliant idea: take a group of high school kids, spend the night in the Danvers State Hospital, which by all accounts is haunted, and film what happens.

Each of the kids who accompanies Derik is there for their own set of reasons: trying to participate with peers to get into a top-notch college; trying to find out about a grandmother who died in the instutition… you get the picture.

Will they make it through a night at Danvers unscathed? Or will the ghosts of the place get them? Read Project 17 to find out.


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