Book Preview: Half Brother

Half BrotherThink about your relationships with your siblings. Maybe they’re annoying. Maybe they’re stuck up. Maybe they don’t give you the time of day even though you think they’re the coolest people in the world.

What if your parents moved you across the country for work, and then told you that you were going to have a chimpanzee for a younger brother. You’d have to treat it like it’s human, and even teach it how to sign because of your parents’ experiment.

And then what happens if you decide you love this chimpanzee and something threatens its life? What would you do? Half Brother is a novel about family, about growing up, and about figuring out what is right. It’s a well-told novel that raises questions about ethics, animal testing and scientific research.

Evernote file with more information about Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel

Below you’ll find a video of a gorilla who has learned sign language. For more information about Koko, check out The Gorilla Foundation.

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