Round Robin Review

I had an opportunity to participate in a Round Robin Review activity in a training I attended a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the activity so much that I brought it back to school and used it last week with my students. The results were pretty awesome.

Here’s how it works:

Brainstorm concepts/vocabulary that you want students to do (I would really love to do this in a math class and see what the students think). What you’ll see in my photos is seven of the vocabulary words that we’ve studied over the last few weeks.

Divide students into small groups equal to the number of concepts that you’ve brainstormed. I used pairs because I have small classes. In one class I had to participate as well because I only had 10 students present on the day of the lesson. I think they liked that, as well – that I work alongside them, doing what they’re doing. Each group has it’s own color so tracking participation and understanding is easy.

Evernote 20120201 12 48 44

The Rounds: I ran two-minute rounds. Each group takes two minutes at each of the pages, rotating from one to the next at the end of the allotted time. The rounds I have run are as follows (I’ve had more than one round in the same category):

  • Recall: Write down whatever you know about the topic
  • Example: Provide an example of this concept / s
    entence correctly using the vocabulary word
  • Experience: Personal connections with concept / where you might find the concept used in real life
  • Inquire: What questions do you still have about this concept / word and the way it is used?

Evernote 20120201 12 50 54

I like that the activity uses a number of levels of Bloom’s, and asks them to connect to the real world and personal experience. I also think that the verbal processing component of the activity is huge — many of my students are English Language Learners (as designated by popular convention labeling. In my opinion, we’re all English Language Learners), and they have conversations with their peers about concepts in both English and in Spanish, strengthening their understanding in both languages.

Evernote 20120201 12 50 29

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