Stalkers and Photographs

Every You, Every Me

Evan is being stalked. Evan’s best friend, Ariel, is gone, and ever since she left, he’s received pictures–some of himself, and some of places he’s been with Ariel. It doesn’t help that he can’t sleep and that he feels guilty about what happened to Ariel. The pictures he receives freak him out. As he tries to figure out who is sending him photographs, Evan also has to come to terms with the loss of a friend and the realization that there is more than one way to know a person.

I had the opportunity to hear David Levithan talk about how this book was constructed, which I always find interesting. There are photographs incorporated into the story. Levithan didn’t know what the pictures were going to be before he recieved them, and the photographer, Jonathan Farmer didn’t know what Levithan was writing as he took the photographs.

More information in the Evernote File for Every You, Every Me.

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