Some Initial Thoughts on Cognitive Coaching

Yesterday I was asked to become a cognitive coach. Partly because I am department chair and partly because I’m not afraid (I am but I do it anyway) to get up in front of the staff and present. In my reflecting about adding another type of training, I wonder whether or not this is going to be a flash in the pan like some trainings have been. I think we’re adding a lot of things in a short amount of time and that’s a hard way to really effect change.

We were asked to journal about our thoughts on cognitive coaching after the morning workshop session today and we were asked a few questions:

-Where are the people you influence (e.g. students) with cognitive coaching?
-Where are you with cognitive coaching?
-What are your thoughts on implications of cognitive coaching?

My response:

For me, it would be very difficult to let go of my “fix it” mentality. Because I’m the one who goes and finds the new activities, the new ways of teaching, the new technologies (my Twitter PLN is awesome), and I disseminate that information as best I can when I think it’s appropriate. I do think that cognitive coaching would be a great foundation for problem-based learning to help students take ownership in their learning and ability to problem solve.

But given the proclivity of flash in the pan strategies and trainings, I’m reluctant to become too invested in this idea. I also have some other issues that have nothing to do with the materials and more to do with where I position myself in terms of information availability.

More thoughts to come.

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