This Week in Links: Resources I found Interesting

I’ve tried to do this before and now I’m going to try again. Hopefully this time it will stick. Here are links to resources that I found interesting this week. If I’m being honest, it should be “Saturday evening in links,” but that’s just not as catchy.

Tomorrow: book reviews for the rest of the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness and Divergent by Verionica Roth. Also, book talks will be  uploaded.

Upgrade Your KWL Chart for the 21st Century

In this blog post, Silvia Tolisano talks about how to change the KWL chart to meet the needs of the 21st century. I think it’s interesting how this simple chart has expanded to include more of Bloom’s taxonomy.

iPad Apps in Bloom’s

I’m an iPad user. I often allow my students to use my iPad for various things, usually watching the videos that accompany their novels if they’re reading something by Patrick Carman. Kathy Schrock compiled iPad apps that students can use to meet various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. It’s kind of neat — go take a look.

Graphic Organizers

This website has includes a number of graphic organizers, organized into categories.


Someone posted this in my Twitter feed today, so I went to check it out.  It’s a neat digital storytelling website. The pictures are already in the app, users choose the images they want to use. The images are dragged onto the pages and the user writes the text to accompany the images. I’m already thinking about how I can use this to teach varying sentence structure, or how my colleagues could use tool to have students demonstrate their understanding of the structure of a short story by creating their own.

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