Purpose, it's that little flame

I discovered, about halfway through this project, that I set it up incorrectly. While I own my domain, it is still hosted through WordPress, and I’m not sure how to go about changing that — the resources I’ve found haven’t been overly helpful.

I spent this morning (yes, I realize it’s only 10:30, and yes, I do realize that I’ve finished a novel in that time) thinking about the purpose of this website. What I want it to do. And I decided that it doesn’t need to be an aggregator, which was the way I had originally intended to appropriate the space. I run three separate blogs on purpose. I like having content separated out into the books I read and reflections about teaching, my graduate studies (which has fallen into disuse due to my love affair with Evernote) and my nerdfighting tumblog, which is still really about books but in more than a 140 characters and in less than full paragraphs.

I set up RSS feeds in the sidebars to capture that which is posted in other places. So the decision I made doesn’t really solve the problem at hand. Part of me wants to consolidate to this domain, since it’s mine, and end my blogger blogs. Especially since I’m only using one of my blogger blogs actively. I do like this interface better than my blogger interface.

I don’t know. Too many decisions.













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