RDG 525

Or, Why I Have to Take this Post, Even Though It Will Make My Education Take Longer

There are very few things that I will shout about from the top of my lungs. Very few things that I allow myself to get excited about. This one, I have to be excited about it.

Today, I have a meeting with the head of the Curriculum & Instruction department at NMSU. We are meeting to talk about teaching RDG 525 next semester: Young Adult Literature and Pedagogy.

Young Adult Literature? One of the things I’ll scream about from the top of my lungs. Why? Because I’ve had the opportunity over the past five years to work with young people and connect with them through literature. Because much of the young adult literature genre is better written than books written for adult audiences. Because if teachers don’t know about young adult literature, or how they can use it in their classrooms, there’s a whole mess of kids who miss out on the opportunity to find out about themselves through reading. It’s important.

The other thing I’ll scream about? Content Area Literacy. I’m not screaming as loud about that one right now; I feel like I need to read more by scholars in this area before I tout this one too much farther than my home school. But that time is coming.

And since I’m going to be on campus today, I thought I might pick up a few books by scholars I’ve decided I really need to read. There’s a book by James Gee about video games and education that I want to read, as well as anything by Louise Rosenblatt, which I think will help me in planning this class.

**heaves huge sigh of relief** and I’ll write about my meeting later.

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