Teachers as Cultural Workers, briefly

I think I need to add this book to the ones I read yearly. While Friere tends to write in circles, I keep coming back to a few key ideas that he presents, and discovering more as I learn. My favorite letter, the one that transformed my teaching the first time I read it was the one about moving from talking to learners to talking with them and from listening to them to hearing them. I know it comes from a social justice perspective, and maybe it’s also social justice in the context of my classroom, but I’ve learned that I get so much more out of kids if I take the time to listen to what they have to say, then use that to make my book recommendations. It’s harder to listen to some kids than others, since they’ve been so disillusioned by the system that they lack the trust or respect for educators, but that’s a no-longer-blind-spot that I’m going to have to deal with as an educator.


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