If at first you don't succeed

I’ve been having a difficult time keeping track of which student is reading what book. I’ve don’t it many ways, and I haven’t ended up with the results I wanted.

I tried using a spreadsheet, including columns for when students finished or abandoned Their books, but I couldn’t pull up individual students and show only them their progress.

I thought about using Evernote and either creating a note for each student or a note for each author and having students type their names below a screenshot of the cost of the book on Amazon. Unfortunately, we can’t edit rich text notes on the iPad (coming soon, I hope).

Now I’m using a template on my Noteshelf app that will hopefully allow me to keep track of everything closer to the way I want to. And I’ll hang out and wait for Evernote (or the iOS software) to catch up with the way I want to use it.

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