Viewing eye movements

>Paulson, E. J. (2005, July/August/September). Viewing eye movements during reading through the lens of chaos theory: How reading is like the weather. Reading Research Quarterly, 40(3), pp. 338-358. doi:10.1598/RRQ.40.3.3

​In this article, Paulson examines the reading process using an analogy of the chaos theory to explain what is difficult to explain within a theory that is systematic and linear. He describes the nature of eye movements while reading, suggesting that data collected about eye movements is the reading side of the analogy. By analyzing where a reader pauses during reading, researchers learn about the processes of comprehension. And by combining eye movement data with miscue analysis, the data about reading is validated. He also suggests that reading is a nonlinear process. Within this article as well are references to other authors write about schema theory and the importance of a reader’s prior knowledge.

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