The Arctic Incident

The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl, #2)The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read something in Guys Read: Funny Business (I think. I know it was a Guys Read book though) about where Artemis Fowl got his start. Apparently it had to do with one of Colfer’s brothers who had a mischievous streak. That actually made me appreciate the character a whole lot more. Never let it be said that knowing the background of an author or the origin of a character ruins a story. If anything, I think it enhances it.

I realize that the series continues, and it makes me wonder what Artemis’s motivation is in the rest of the series. For the first two books, he was concerned with finding and rescuing his father. This mission is over? So what’s next for Artemis? Warding off the people who may come after his father? Figuring out why he was kidnapped in the first place? And what about the fairies? They and Artemis are square now. I’ll be interested to see what happens next.

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