>Outrageous Textbook Prices

>I’ve already signed up for next semester’s classes and I’m checking out the book lists on the NMSU B&N site. For just my EDUC 604 class (which has something to do with social justice and pedagogy) there are six required texts. I’d heard B&N had this NookStudy thing going on and for texts that have that option, there is a price listed. Here’s the one that caught me:

Now, I’m all about convenience, but if I’m looking at the cheapest to drop $200 on textbooks (not even the fun YA lit that I like to read) and I can get a used paperback copy for $20, then I’m not about to drop that much more to have it on my mobile device.

I did a little more digging and found something different. I wandered over to Amazon.com to see if the used copies through other resellers were cheaper than what B&N was advertising. Here is what I found:

Um, huge discrepancy anyone? With Amazon providing all Kindle apps for free, I’m not sure why anyone would pay the $135 for a nookStudy version. I think I’ll use the rest of that $119 to pick up the rest of my books.

Unfortunately, there are no books currently posted for my other class. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how much damage is done then.


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