>Using Comic Life

>For my RDG 621 class we are required to complete a collaborative project. In terms of the other students in my class, that means that they work with another student and the kids they’re tutoring to present whatever they created together.

For me, because I didn’t have a student, it was a little different. I teamed up with a master’s student to create a comic. The two boys that she worked with wrote a story about superheroes and we used Comic Life to put together the story.

I think the master’s student with whom I was working was more excited about the project than the two fourth graders. And that’s okay. I wanted to design an activity that got the kids out of their chairs — something I noticed as lacking throughout the semester in my observations. I wish I could include pictures from the comic we created but I can’t put photos of children online.

What I really liked about the project was that it hit multiple types of literacy. Not only did the children write the story, but they had to use their understanding of the story they created to come up with the pictures they were going to take to illustrate that story. Talk about the highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I’m excited about presenting this project in two weeks. I wish I could get my students this excited about a project.

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