>Tough Questions (Part II)


Worksheets and Homework
How do you respond when a parent asks why no extensive homework or worksheets?

  • Students aren’t actively engaged
  • they pick up the pattern of the worksheets 
  • There is frustration when the work can’t be completed
  • After school should be family time
  • Doesn’t take into account SES

Commercial Reading Programs and Guided Reading
Basal readers, etc.

  • Students don’t get a real literacy experience when readings are truncated or dumbed down

  • Stories aren’t authentic

  • Vocabulary is controlled

Rewards & Accelerated Reader (See  http://www.sdkrashen.com for more info)

  • It’s all about the reward
  • Doesn’t build a love of reading
  • Competitive
  • Doesn’t take into account those readers who struggle, or the kids who love to read, or those who choose harder/longer text


Garan, E. (2007). Smart Answers to Tough Questions. New York: Scholastic.










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