>Rough Start


Last week was the first week of school, and the first time we’ve ever started on a Monday. In previous years, we started on Wednesday or Thursday–two or three days to get to know the students, then the weekend and Deming Duck Races, then we’d hit the ground running the next Monday. Everyone felt like the week was a little long. It didn’t help that all the housekeeping type items that had to be completed were completed during first period.

Despite ongoing internet problems, it is very exciting that so many of my students are excited about the books they’re reading. Almost all of them have selected books out of my personal library. I admit that there are some books I was more excited about students reading than others — I think there are four students reading Patrick Carman’s Skeleton Creek, and three reading his novel Trackers, drawn in by the fact that there are videos. Others are reading Shusterman, Anderson (both MT and Laurie Halse) and a myriad of other books on a myriad of topics. The neatest thing is to see one student lean over to another during independent reading and point to something in the book they’re reading, then look to see if they’ll get in trouble for talking. I encourage this kind of interaction. I want my students to talk about books, not just with me, but with their peers as well. And it has already begun.

I do hope that the server problems, particularly in the afternoon, are resolved. Because I teach the Title I Language Arts class, there are some requirements must make sure my students meet, like using the Scholastic READ180 program so the powers that be have the ability to pull student reports to monitor progress. I also hope that this week passes with less frustration than last week did.

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