Year One, Fall Classes

The two classes for Year One, Fall are

RDG 621 – Literacy/Biliteracy Assessment and Evaluation
EDUC 576 – Qualitative Research

RDG 621 is cross listed with RDG 511, which I took as a master’s student. Of the five texts required for the class, four are the same. The most interesting part of RDG 511 was the mini-lesson in the eye movement lab, which shed some light on how we process what we see when we read. I hope to pull something new from this class, and I hope that the doctoral section is not the add-one-project-and-call-it-600 as master’s classes cross listed with undergrad classes were.

As for EDUC 576… The professor was my master’s advisor and I liked her. My current advisor says that she’s really tough, so I’m expecting this class to be a challenge. I feel unprepared when it comes to conducting and reading research; hopefully this class will help me build the confidence I’m going to need to get through this.

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