Last Dragon Chronicles


Screenshot from Chris D’Lacy’s website.

I have to get this one off my chest, only because it’s been bugging me like crazy all day.  The American editors for Chris D’Lacy’s Last Dragon Chronicles didn’t do a fantastic job at making a seamless transition between the British version of the book and the American edition. Little things, like going from Scrubbley, Massachusetts to Scotland by train. Oh, and if you look at how much that ticket cost, I don’t think we Americans have a p. as an abbreviation for money, at least not an amount of money that will afford us train fare.

What I can’t figure out is why the setting had to be changed to begin with. This came up when I read the first novel in the series, The Fire Within. As I was reading, I pictured a small town in England. Then David, the main character, makes reference to the White House and I became thoroughly confused. If the publishers trusted readers with the Harry Potter series–the setting didn’t change in those seven novels–why didn’t they trust the readers with this series?

And if you like dragons, here are some cute clay dragons.

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