A Character Alphabet (Part 1)

 Character Alphabet Instructions (Google Drive Document)

Sometimes, when I get bored (or when my students need examples), I do reader response projects. I like this one. It made me think a little differently about my novel. For this example, I used John Green’s Paper Towns (Speak, 2008), which my students saw me reading and heard me talk about for a few days.

So here’s my A-F

A is for the anxiety that the protagonist Quentin feels when Margo Roth Speigelman convinces him to go on a quest for revenge with her that includes breaking and entering.

B is for Blackberry, the way Q’s friend Radar (probably) updates his Wikipedia-like website called Omnictionary.

C is for catfish. Margo had Q go to the grocery store, buy three whole catfish wrapped separately and hid them in various places, saying that her relationships with people “sleeps with the fishes.”

D is for darkness. When Margo’s clues lead Q to an abandoned mini-mall, he finds the dark to be rather frightening initially. The more time he spent there the more he became accustomed to the darkness.

E is for the effort that Q spent for a month trying to track down the clues that Margo left for him.

F is for failure. Q would have felt like a failure if he found Margo and she was dead.

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