>Fence Posting

>Capitutipping: the act of giving in on a decision that you had been sitting on the fence about.

Etym: My friend S was pretending to sit on the fence about continuing her education to get a degree in education. Eventually, she was tipped to the side of continuing education. A decision that wasn’t a decision in the first place.

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AC_Voki_Embed(200,267,”aa3619d59caa44a1f91b5de465ece0e6″,1568981, 1, “”, 0);
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  1. >Are you going to talk about Turtle on a Fencepost here? I like the image, it's about helping others. First, when it came to moving the turtles out of the way of the plow, and then when it comes to getting the turtles back down again so they weren't just flailing in thin air, waiting to die.


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