Alice In Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole

I read this chapter a couple of days ago and didn’t have time to blog about it. Seeing as I’m avoiding both my homework and my grading, I figured now would be the perfect time.

The chapter opens and Alice is lounging outside with her sister, who is reading a book that is thoroughly displeasing to Alice as it has neither pictures nor dialogue. The rabbit runs by, she thinks she hears it talking, all the while mentioning that the heat outside is making her “very sleepy and stupid” (1). Out of curiousity, this genius follows the rabbit down the hole then falls ever so


Slow enough to examine the contents of the shelves along the sides of the hole, pick things up, examine those things, and place them back on other shelves. She then lands on her bum without so much a scratch. There’s something rather surreal about this, and I know that I’m supposed to reasonably suspend disbelief, but there’s a point where situations become incredibly ridiculous.

Cakes, and potions and poisons, oh, my. Who taught this girl her decision making skills? She says, let me look at this bottle and see if it’s marked poison, because if someone wanted to kill me, they’d be sure to mark the bottle containing said elixer, “poison.” Genius! And to add to her applicaition for Mensa, she left the key to the door she was shrinking to get to on the table. Agh!

Stay tuned next time for Attack of the Giant Alice.

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