The End of IT, (or IT Part II)

It by Stephen King
(Amazon link)

I have to admit, when my friend told me that the end of the film disappointed him, I was skeptical. I thought, “Usually the book is better than the movie, anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” Well, while the build-up to the end of the book was fabulous, (no extraneous information, all the details drove the plot along), I felt like the heroes’ triumph over the antagonist was, while well deserved, a little juvenile. Yes, they had to revert to their childish selves to “beat the devil” as the last chapter was so aptly named, but a spider? Or a shape roughly resembling a spider? Not only does King contribute to people’s fear of clowns, but the fear of spiders as well.

I can’t decide whether or not I was set up to be disappointed. If I hadn’t discussed the end of the novel with someone else, would I feel the same way I do about the way it ended? Or at least about the defeat of the monster.

I thought how Bill Denborough used Silver to revive his wife was interesting. But then, Big Bill always knew what to do to make things right. Using the bike in the way King did eliminated the red herring I thought the bike was going to be. And just think. At that point in his life, he probably actually fit on it. But what are the odds that bike would have been in that shop after twenty seven years?

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