IT by Stephen King (Part I)

It by Stephen King

On picking up this book, I’d never read any Stephen King before. At this point, I’m about halfway through. I’ve never read a book over 1000 pages that I haven’t gotten bored with at some point. I have to say, as loquacious as King is, he’s held my attention thus far.

As of right now, I don’t have many comments on the text. At first, it was a little confusing trying to navigate through the flashbacks, but once the story really gets going, it’s an awesome way to present the background information that the reader needs to understand the story.

I also must admit that the whole idea of Pennywise has me a little freaked out. There was one night, after a particularly creepy passage, where I had to go find my dog so I wouldn’t be sleeping alone.

I saw this on a shirt once and now it makes sense…

“Can’t sleep, the clown will eat me…”

This is Eli, signing off.

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