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Book Preview: Shantorian

Trackers: Shantorian by Patrick Carman
Trackers Book 2: Shantorian by Patrick Carman

Shantorian is the second (and last, apparently) book in the Trackers series. Told in interview format with video support, Shantorian picks up where the story in Trackers #1 left off. Adam, the main character, is talking to Agent Gatz about how he and his team were duped by computer hacker and mastermind Shantorian. I’m not going to spoil it for readers by saying any more than that.

It felt like the pace of Shantorian was better than Trackers #1. At the end of the first book, I felt like I hadn’t learned anything, where Shantorian was full of interesting twists and turns. I’m excited to get feedback from the student for whom I picked up this book today.

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Hardcover, 176 pages

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